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Welcome to the Canada’s biggest trading platform (“CatchFree”). Thank you for your interest in choosing our online classified platform. We offer you our services subject to the following terms and conditions of use, which are subject to change without notice (the “Terms”). If you are visiting the website and using any of its services, you accept these Terms and Conditions so it is advised to read them carefully before any transaction. The material contained within CatchFree is monitored and checked from time to time for authenticity and accuracy and is displayed without any expressed or implied warranties. CatchFree will assume no liability and thereby, also disclaims any responsibility for any error or omission in the content displayed by the website. CatchFree shall also not be responsible for any damage incurred as a consequence of using the website or any of its content displayed.

By visiting and using any of the content displayed on the website constitutes your acceptance of the terms provided underneath. It also constitutes a binding agreement by you to follow these terms. Any of the parties, either you or CatchFree may terminate this agreement at any time. You can terminate this agreement by immediately exiting the website and abstaining in any future access to the website.


The content and subsequent information displayed on CatchFree is for the sole purpose of information and not intended as professional advice whether it may be technical, healthcare, or relating to judicial systems. You acknowledge that all website advertisements, description, texts, pictures, videos, audios, or miscellaneous data ("Content") offered on, passed through, or associated with the product or service, are entirely the responsibility of the person/institute from whom such Content emanated. Before proceeding you must assess, and undergo the risk linked with, the validity,genuineness,adequacy or effectiveness of any content you access. You also understand that Catchfree does not moderate or control and neither holds liability for any material which can be accessed via CatchFree. By using the website, it is possible for you to be open to material that is derogatory, ingenuous, incomplete, fallacious, or otherwise controversial and unacceptable. Alternatively, in case of any flag raisedby our prestigious user, after thorough authentication, CatchFree has right to remove such objectionable content and block the offender’s account immediately.

You acknowledge that CatchFree does not regulate, pre-monitor or approve any Content before displaying, but that CatchFree does maintain entireauthority to reject, remove, or relocate any of the post or its content that is displayed on its website, as it may deem fit.Such cases could be for not abiding by the Terms of the service or for any other unacceptable reasons. For instance, any indecent/dishonorable advertisement or content will be removed and warning will be issued to the user after which, the user’s account will beterminated.

You agree and acknowledge that as it deems fit, CatchFree may store or disclose Content, includingyour contact information primarily email, your Internet Protocol address, date and time frame of your visit, and any other particular details if required by law or in the belief that such preservation or disclosure is essential to comply with any legal process, enforce the CatchFree’s Terms, protection against claims of content violating the rights of third-parties; or protect the rights, property, or personal safety of CatchFree, its users or the general public.


CatchFree does not allow the following list of goods to be exhibited, displayed, or advertised on its website or any subsequent link or transmission through its website:

  • Any devices related to medical procedures or medical equipment, drugs and pills either prescribed or non-prescribed, illegal substances and any other such substance prohibited by the law
  • Any products containing either tobacco, tobacco patches or intoxicating substances including alcohol, and any product which is similar to such substances, unpackaged or contaminated edibles or beauty care and cosmetics
  • Pornography, containing but not limited to bestiality, adult, offers or solicitation of illegal prostitution or escort services
  • Sales of animals including pets with a special case concerning re-homing for a small stipend, animal parts, stud service
  • Any content or remarks pertaining to the product or service being sold which are wrong, erroneous, and intend to carry out a crime or defraud somebody is strongly prohibited
  • Replica of products which are registered and patented, copyrighted material, etcetera.
  • Any post which is derogatory, provoking, condescending, alarming, intimidating, or malignant is strictly not allowed
  • An individual’s personal, identifying, confidential or proprietary information
  • It is strictly forbidden to auction, bid, or to offer to sell theft goods or properties belonging to other individuals without a written consent. Such products which have their identity tags meddled are also prohibited. CatchFree will immediately report such users to relevant authorities. All properties which aid or facilitate robbery in any way are also not allowed and such users will be banned.
  • Any credentials including government issued identity documents, tax identification numbers, driving licenses, government logos or badges, government documents, birth certificates, transcripts, etcetera
  • Such advertisements which are displayed only to redirect users to another website with a purpose of profiteering are not allowed and users will be banned
  • Such unknown products which do not have regulatory permissions, licenses, or passed from approved government bodies before being offered for sale
  • Any product, service, or material which proves to be defying the law or rights of any individual, institution, society, or general public
  • All products which can cause generic harm to other living beings including weaponry, firearms, all types of handguns, revolvers, SMGs, stun-guns, or any other melee weapons which endanger the society are prohibited and will be taken down
  • Such auxiliary support and accessories to weaponry including bombs, explosives, and other material including ammo are also not allowed to be traded on CatchFree
  • Directly or indirectly encouraging the audience, individuals who are strictly forbidden to reach is not allowed
  • Such posts or materials which lead to or assist in stalking or harassing someone by any means
  • CatchFree does not allow any person, company, or through any digital means to extract data for illegal purposes or for profiteering
  • CatchFree strictly prohibits the use of software which can harm, extract, publish, broadcast, or disintegrate data stored on the website. The usage of mining software and downloading data through software is only allowed to search engines like Google and non-commercial archives for the greater good of public like
  • All such posts that relate to stakes and casino, including sweepstakes are barred
  • Such material, or redirecting users to such platforms which aid hackers, resulting in the loss of private or public information
  • Content which promotes defiance and can disturb the law and order of the Canadian community
  • Excessive blasphemy or malignant behavior
  • Such material which lead users to encourage visiting specific websites, promoting ad-clicking, surfing internet or to read emails or any other content for profiteering through such activities is not allowed
  • Illegal material, product, services, or any such service which encourages illegal actions, or undermines the rights of individuals or institutions
  • CatchFree is a promotional platform itself and therefore any advertising which is not authorized, and any illegal web promotional activities including spamming, junk email, or any form of such promotional activity is strictly not allowed
  • All advertisements which are linked with other portals except for those which are allowed in our website explicitly are prohibited
  • Any computer program which contain damaging codes like trojans, viruses, or similar programs architected to defunctionalize, restrict, or totally break down the performance or working capacity of any electronic or communication device is strongly barred


You agree to and understand that CatchFree may establish parameterspertaining to the use of Service, including the number of days advertisement will be retained, the allowed count and space of postings, pictures, videos, email messages, and other content channeled or maintained by the Service, and the number of times our particular website is reached. You also agree that Catchfree holds no liability or responsibility for rejection, removal or failure to store or display any content maintained or communicated by the Service. You understand and acknowledge that CatchFree reserves the right to change, pause, or abandon the website or any of its auxiliary services at any period with or without notification, and that CatchFree shall not be accountable to any user or institution with regards to any damages incurred as a consequence to any such modification, termination, or halting of the Service.


You acknowledge and agree that CatchFree, as they deem fit, may block or deactivate your account, blacklist your contact information or Internet Protocol, or else, restrict your entry to the website or availing any of its services, immediately and without notice. You also acknowledge that CatchFree may alsodelete and dump any material on the website, on any grounds, including but not limited to, your inconsistency in your conformity with the Terms. Furthermore, CatchFree is not responsible or liable to you or any third-party for barring your entry to website or any of the services it offers. You also agree that after such barringof entry, you will not attempt to use the service in any case whatsoever.


You acknowledge that CatchFree does not interfere in any trade transactions and your interactions on or through the Service with individuals or institutions, including transactional details regarding reimbursement, shipment, and any other fundamentals of your agreement,the quality or appearance of goods, warranties or renderings pertaining to the deal, are entirely between the buyer and seller. You understand and consent to the risk associated and that CatchFree shall not be accountable for any detrimental outcome arising from these transactions.

CatchFree prohibits wire transfers and by visiting this website, you solemnly content to this prohibition and not use Western Union or Money Gram to transfer or accept reimbursement for any goods or services.


The website and all information provided to you within CatchFree’s website including products, services, public information, and other media or text either display on this website or provided to you through CatchFree are not warranted and provided to you in the condition of as they are. An exception to the condition or warranty of the product or service would be vividly expressed in writing. CatchFree does not provide any warranty, assurance, or responsibility pertaining to the website, it’s content, products and services offered, or any of its affiliated websites and programs. By visiting CatchFree, you openly and in conscience, consent to the Terms and that your usage of CatchFree, it’s services, or any of its affiliated services is at your own risk solely.

CatchFree takes utmost security measures and up to date technological devices in order to make user experience secure and effective. However, in the case of any direct or indirect damage, or any incidental or consequential damage, which arises from the use of any of the products or services at CatchFree or any of its affiliated website, CatchFree holds itself free from all liability and you consent to these Terms when you are visiting its website.


CatchFree is constantly engaged to enhance user experience and providing more security to the transactions. For the same reason, CatchFree is entitled to increase, edit, revamp, relocate, or remove parts from or to the website from time to time without any notifications issued. CatchFree is also entitled to modify these Terms or Privacy Policy without being obliged to send any notifications before such modifications occur. Your availing of our services through this website after these alterations automatically establishes your harmony to these terms. Therefore, it is suggested by CatchFree that you read these Terms on your recurring arrival to the website.


By using the website and its Service, you agree to indemnify, protect and ensure CatchFree harmless from any and all claims, losses and expenditures, which also include fair expenses for a lawyer and related legal expenses, which is directly related to your use of CatchFree or the material provided therein and any breach of the Terms by yourself.


CatchFree may from time to time provide some offers from third-party websites. This Privacy Policy applies only to the actions carried and information reserved or gained on CatchFree. If you visit any of these websites linked by CatchFree, you are subject to that particular website’s terms and policies. It is recommended to read that third-party website’s Privacy Policy before giving out any of your data. CatchFree is not responsible for any of the materials provided by such websites and does not back any material, promotions, or miscellaneous offers displayed on such websites. When you visit any of such websites linked, you agree to not hold CatchFree accountable for any misfortune occurred or assumed to have occurred by or in association with the use or dependence on any such materials, promotions, or miscellaneous offers provided through these websites or resources.


If you have any complaints or have to report any violations of the Terms ,Please feel free to contact us by emailing to and help us keep a safe and efficient platform for online trading.