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CatchFree is a Canadian online website for classified ads. CatchFree, in its sole discretion, keeps the rights to be able to identify any content as “unfit” and remove it without any prior approval or notice. CatchFree as an independent platform observes all the content posted and makes decisions based on its own judgement if any content or material violates its Terms. CatchFree equally challenges every user for any controversial content and regardless if the member is Premium, or a Free user.

  • You are not allowed to post any classified advertisement on CatchFree if you are not currently located in Canada
  • Advertisement which include blasphemous, abusive, racist, obscene, hate expressions or hateful contexts, allegations or defamatory remarks,pictures or illustrations of vague nature, personal attacks on individuals, or any religious or theocratic context is strictly prohibited and will be taken off immediately
  • Any advertisement for prostitution or escort services is not allowed
  • CatchFree does not allow any adult content to be published or advertised on the website including but not limited to:
    • Texts or pictures which are provocative in nature
    • Obscene language including personal experiences of adult nature
    • Tips relating to sexual activities or guidance of any sort
    • Linking to other websites which contain sexual/pornographic content
    • Products for sexual pleasure
    • Spying devices including cameras
  • CatchFree does not accept ads which are from or leading to any dating platforms or websites
  • Posts which contain overwhelming content such as defamation of an individual, violence, threats, derogatory, untrue, falsifying information, scamming, containing overstated and false claims, rights violation of any individual or institution, or is related to inflicting harm on the community are taken down and the users might be reported to relevant bodies
  • CatchFree is a trading website and strongly believes in building a better Canadian community. Any posts which are discriminatory in any ways such as color, ethnicity, theocracy, sex, age, social status, sexual orientation, disability, or contains any other discriminatory content prohibited by law will be taken down
  • Any post which includes context that violates any jurisprudence or undermines the sovereignty of any municipality, state, or international law and order will be taken down and reported.
  • Any advertisement or promotions of products or services not belonging to the designated areas under Canada’s jurisprudence is prohibited
  • Any posts related to or linking to resources which provide medical services or drugs are not allowed
  • It is prohibited to display, advertise, or promote any copyrighted content or any other product or property having proprietary claims without a clear and vivid approval by the owner
  • CatchFree allows users to post free ads. But this ad for one particular product or service could only be placed once in a select area. It is advised to carefully select the category of the product or service, location, and other details when posting classified. Posts which are repeated in multiple locations which are similar in nature would be taken down
  • All advertisements posted should be offering tangible products or services. Such ads are strictly prohibited which only display a link and encourage users to visit other websites for further information. We do allow posting links to other websites for additional information provided that your ad posted on CatchFree already have other details about the product such as price, product details, and other essential information
  • CatchFree displays titles of every ad in very big, and easily distinguishable formatted fonts. Therefore, we recommend that you do not used CAPITAL OR BLOCK LETTERS unless it is necessary in your ad title or description
  • When posting an ad, only relevant material is to be included which is pertaining to the product or service being promoted. All material which is irrelevant including pictures, texts, or links is not allowed and your ad will be taken down
  • You must only give a brief and captivating title to your ad. Mentioning site URLS, domains, phone number and email address in the ad title is prohibited
  • Any material or link which transfers or transmits virus or other harmful computer software which are destructive or harmful in any way are strictly prohibited. Such posts will be taken down and reported to relevant departments
  • We do not allow buying or selling in weapons, ammunitions, weapon parts, or firearms of any sorts. Such weapons including pellet, BB, and stun guns are also strictly prohibited
  • Any ad posted which include material that can be potentially harmful in any way to CatchFree or interferes with its operations, resources, or security is strictly prohibited. Such post might also be taken down that pose a threat to any of CatchFree’s affiliated platforms or websites


If you have any questions or concerns about our Posting Rules, Please feel free to contact us by emailing to and help us keep a safe and efficient platform for online trading.