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About Us

CatchFree is a free classified site in Canada which is operated by qualified, competent, and very active IT professionals and Software Engineers. CatchFree provides a platform for all Canadians to buy or sell almost any product or service throughout Canada absolutely free of cost. The website hosts a dynamic range of categories including vehicles, real-estate, electronics, furniture, clothing, antiques, and also provides extended services like community services, community events, pet-care services, vacation rentals, and even matrimonial services for the greater good of the Canadian community. Our website displays thousands of items both new and old at comparatively cheaper prices than retail stores. Users are provided the convenience to start trading instantly, without having to sign up. CatchFree is free to all users and maintain a strict security check in order to provide a secure way of trading online.


CatchFree is a Canadian website and encourages support from all Canadian communities. We reiterate that everyday thousands of ads are posted on this website for trading and all ads are not reviewed before they are displayed on the website. However, we areconstantly engaged in gathering reports from the common frauds and scams being carried out and make every effort to stop these. Moreover, we strongly recommend users not to give out any personal or private information over the internet. It is advised to carry out all transactions in-person and off the internet in order to fully protect yourself and others from harm’s way.


To carry out transactions more effectively and in a secure way, please take care of the following things when carrying out buying or selling transactions:

  • Make sure that the meeting spot is a public and secure place for example a bank, restaurant, or a crowded area such as a shopping mall
  • It is recommended not to directly invite people you are not acquainted with to your home. Also avoid meeting in an isolated place as public places are safer, and difficult to carry out scams
  • High Value Items must be very carefully bought or sold. These items must be evaluated by professionals first before placing bids
  • It is strongly advised against to send money online or through wire transfers to the seller before receiving the product. Mailing cheques are also strongly discouraged and payment must be made in cash, or in person in order to maintain transparency and safety for both parties
  • Kindly contact someone and inform them about your meeting beforehand. Also keep your cell phone with you at all times in order to be contacted or to contact somebody in case of emergencies
  • It is important to remind you that all transactions through CatchFree are between the buyer and seller. These must be website users as no third-party can provide a guarantee to the transaction

These simple precautionary measures can protect you and other users from harmful transactions and frauds, ultimately making CatchFree’s online trading platform safer for everyone in the Canadian community.


In case of any fraudulent or scamming activity observed by you, kindly report that to the following authorities:

If you experience an unfortunate or fraudulent attempt from someone you met in-person, kindly immediately contact your local police department.