Production of Cars, Trucks, and Other Popular Vehicles in Canada

One of the most stable sector in Canada is the automobile manufacturing which produces about 2.4 million units annually. The steady growth in this sector also leads to the growth in automotive assembly and parts manufacturing in turn, increasing employment and contributing more to the GDP. To meet the ever-growing demand for cars, trucks, and other vehicles in Canada, the government has implemented and also refined many policies and devised tools to invite investments from all over the world. The government also focuses on investments in emerging technologies, like hybrid batteries for cars which are exclusively produced in Canada to revolutionize this industry.

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Nearly two thirds of all vehicles produced in Canada are either trucks or SUVs. This highlights that the demand for trucks is also on the rise and Sedans and Coupes are not the only dominant products in the market. Many companies are making efforts to increase their trucks production. This can be observed by looking at the production of light trucks increasing 67 percent than the original production in recent years. Companies like Toyota and GM have readily expanded their capacities to include more options for light trucks and pick-up trucks. The light-truck segment in Canada which includes SUVS, pickup trucks and vans accounts for nearly 69 percent of the market share, an increase of 8.7 percent observed. In contrast, 3.4% decline in passenger cars was observed taking it to the lowest levels in history.

Car Trading in Canada

When buying new or used cars, trucks, and other vehicles in Canada, it is always a hassle and many choices to select from. The choices become extremely complex when buying a used car as many dealers avoid giving warranty and most of the car problems are concealed. With the rise of the internet, trading in used cars has also become relatively easier than it was. No matter how convenient it may sound, the quality of buying and selling and the comfort with which a transaction takes place is always a matter of debate. is the Leading Website in Canada for Cars, Trucks, and Other Automobiles

The growing car demand in Canada hasled to the creation of many platforms for trading new and used car and car parts. However, amongst them all, a hard choice is to select which one is the best. Although there are many horizontal classified websites, which specialize only in car-dealing, has its own advantages which outweigh these other platforms. Firstly, the website invites users interested in thousands of different products and categories and therefore, has an increased customer activity. These users are very carefully promoted to other items of interests available in their vicinity which increases the effectiveness of ads placed.

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