Canada’s Growing demand for Auto Parts

Auto Parts

Canada is one of leading markets for automobiles with a well-equipped automobile and auto-parts manufacturing facilities as well as very effective distribution system. The Canadian market is considered to be the second largest market for automobiles,represents the second largest automotive market in North America. Considering the overall increase in demand for automotive, the total imports of cars and car parts accounted for almost CAD 90 billion and total production within Canada contributed CAD 110 billion approximately to the GDP. The imports for auto parts totaled CAD 40.6 billion showing significance of the industry’s largest sub-sector.

Auto Parts Industry in Canada

The Canada parts manufacturing industry generates around 9 billion revenue and employs over 13,000 workers. With an annual growth of 8.8%, over the years, the Auto Parts Manufacturing Industry in Canada has substantially expanded. The main reason for expansion is the growing demand of automobiles, and the subsequent growth of automakers leading to extended range of car variants. The parts industry is directly affected by the change in automobile demands. If the demand for cars spikes amongst the users, the car manufacturers order more supplies from auto parts manufacturers. It is expected that after five years until 2023, revenues generated from auto parts sales will increase considerably.

Highly Competitive Industry

With a number of key players in the automobile industry, and even a three-fold increase in auto part manufacturers, the industry is one of the most competitive industries in Canada. The need of being able to focus on better designs, new technology, reduce energy cost, and better environmental friendly materials is the key to success in this industry. However, there is also a high rise in marketing and advertising budget with the arrival of more manufacturers in the industry. The control in costs is an essential game-changer in the industry. In order to boost sales and effectively increase public awareness, most of the companies have shifted their marketing efforts from traditional media to the internet. With the help of internet, availability, cost, and quality of a car component is most easily distinguished and expert opinions are also made which have a substantial effect on the company’s profile. offers a Cost-Effective and Efficient Solution to Online Advertisement

Most of the times, users of cars are in a dilemma to select from a wide range of options available when selecting car components and accessories. Auto parts range from high-end to low-end, with a huge difference in terms of price and quality. In some rare instances, it also becomes vital that some parts are not available and longer shipment times and hard efforts are required in order to find a specific part. With, online advertisement and buying and selling car parts have become really easy and less time consuming. With, any local car parts supply store can post their range of products within a matter of seconds, and that ad reaches the entire of Canada within instants. Users are given the option to search for car parts within their vicinity for more convenience, and quicker shipments, which increases the efficiency of significantly. With over hundreds of categories at, users have an interactive experience posting and browsing for ads which has, in real time, have helped promote sales for many products noticeably and continues to include more categories for its users.

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