The Rising Trend of Free Ads Canada Websites

The Advertisement industry is almost the backbone of any media industry in any country and a similar case is observed in Canada. The advertisement industry account for nearly CAD 12 billion as spending on advertisements in Canada and the percentage of TV ads is only 25 percent while the internet outgrew the traditional TV ads platform and accounted for 35 percent of the overall spending on advertisement in Canada. Experts say that the overall expenditures in advertisement in Canada would grow by nearly 5 percent yearly and will reach their peak in 2020.

Breakup of Expenditures on Advertisement in Canada by Industry and Medium

The conventional system of media and advertisements in Canada is still going strong and TV and radio have accounted for CAD 5 billion in revenues annually. The most trusted form of advertisement even in today’s date is considered to be newspaper advertisements as many believe that they will attract the right audience and the right kind of response but the internet and free ads Canada websites are sharply gaining grounds and catching up in speed to replace the conventional media and advertisement methods.

Internet is gaining steady grounds and has gained 35 percent of the expenditure budget by Canadian consumers compared with other forms of media. The majority of the advertisements through internet and free ads Canada websites are done by the retail industry and accounts for 14 percent, conceding behind comes the auto manufacturing industry with 12 percent share and the packaging companies for consumer goods stand at 11 percent of the total internet ads and free ads Canada spending.

The Benefits of Free Ads Canada Websites

The reason why internet and free ads Canada websites have gained so much popularity is because of the rapid and easy access by both the viewers and the ad posters. Majority of the companies including startups and even house hold individuals who want to either trade in any product or want to promote their brands can go online and without hassle can place an ad at fraction of the costs which they would have incurred if they would opt for conventional media channels like TV commercials, radio commercials, or newspaper advertisements. An added advantage is that each ad posted can be tracked for its effectiveness and yet, companies can reconsider of their methods and advertisement material in order to effectively spend their advertisement budgets.

Out of the many free ads Canada websites available, takes the lead by providing exceptional security measures and outstanding consumer reach. The website invites users especially located in far off areas which have limited access to daily life products and services to take part more aggressively and thereby taps in to an untapped audience and reaps more benefits for the advertisers. Visit now and enjoy being part of the best free ads Canada website today!

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