The Growth of Cuisine, Catering Industry in Canada

The economy of Canada has shown a significant growth in real GDP and accounted for 2.8 percent of annual growth which is the greatest compared to the other great eight nations (G8). The growth is due to a considerable increase in consumer disposable income and consumer spending which has led to the growth of many industries directly related to consumer products including retail and cuisine, catering industry. The restaurant and cuisine, catering industry in Canada grew by a whopping 4.9 percentlast year and is expected to increase by 8 percent in the years to come. The revenues from this industry are expected to cross the CAD 100 billion in the next year. But the industry has a lot of challenges coming ahead as well and a proactive approach is required in order to keep the growth strong. The consumer spending is expected to be consistent due to higher disposable income in years to come and due to a stronger economy but the ratio of debt is rising consistently and alarming for households which might lead to a halt in the rapid growth of cuisine, catering and related industry services and products.

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The Cuisine, Catering Industry and Inflation

The increase in taxes on food service and cuisine, catering has also risen by 6 percent and the menu prices have nearly increased by 3 percent in some states and going all the way up to 9 percent in more populated and crowded cities. This rise is not due to the increase in taxes but the rising labor wages and the shortage of labor workers as more and more people are moving up the hierarchy and labor workers are being promoted to more senior and managerial level positions since the economy is thriving in every way.

The Role of Classifieds Site Canada to Find Cuisine, Catering Services

Buy and sell websites in Canada are a huge hit and due to the cheap services for advertisement and a huge audience coverage, this is the future of retail and trading in the world. The online classifieds sites in Canada provide a range of services including cuisine, catering and other food services especially in those areas where these facilities are not up to the mark and the number of restaurants in an area are considerably less. The classifieds sites in Canada allow users from all over the country to place a demand to either buy or sell any product and service online and users can then respond to the ad and continue settling a deal directly without the inclusion of any intermediary services.

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