The Growing Industry of Baby Items in Canada

Canada is one of the most growing markets for Baby Items including food, infant formulas, and other baby care products. The growing industry is expected to reach CAD 677 million until 2022 compared with CAD 506 million currently. Nowadays, most of the sales of baby and child-specific products are largely due to the rising demand of organic and natural materials and formulation. This trend towards health consciousness and natural products is strongly driving this industry.

There has been a growth in the number of live birth, however, due to more consciousness, more and more mothers are advised to breastfeed instead of using infant formula and other dairy products. The challenges to baby meals being inorganic is another concern and giving imports a rise compared with local production. Almost 90% of all baby food items are imported from the US and Canadian companies still have a lot to achieve to capture the market share.

Rising Prices of Baby Items in Canada

A random check of cross-border prices of baby items, toys, games and certain other products revealed that in certain items, Canadians are being charged twice as much as Americans due to the higher imports and less local manufacturing. This is a growing concern why many of the Canadians have also shifted to homemade meals for their young ones. The rising prices of baby items also are due to the retailer’s monopoly of importing these items and distributing it as there are only a select few retailers to store specific baby products.

Online Shopping is a Way to Buy and Sell Products Cheaper

The online shopping platforms have revolutionized and created awareness amongst the Canadians to use other platforms and cross check availability and prices before buying through retail stores. This rising trend has already shifted trading in many commodities such as arts, antiques, bikes, books, magazines, electronics, computers, accessories, clothing, medical equipment and much more. Some classified websites also give the opportunity to make higher value transactions like the purchase of a particular business, garage, shops, jewelry, accessories, and etcetera. All of these transactions can be made without an agent which means more transparency with absolutely no costs involved. is the Largest Classified Website in Canada has been proven to be the largest website in Canada to trade in baby items and provide lower costs compared with retailers. Many small businesses and importers regularly display their product list through classifieds on distributing products at extremely low costs and convenience of free delivery within the vicinity. Now users can not only buy and sell baby items but a variety of other products including house hold items, musical instruments, phone, accessories, sports items, tools, etcetera. Some free stuff or paid tickets, coupons can also be found at just to make user experience more interactive.

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