The Electronics Industry in Canada

The Canadian electronics industry is composed of hundreds of products including phones, accessories, medical equipment’s, toys, games, computer, accessories, musical instruments, baby items, telephones, internet routers, communications and satellites, industrial electronics, and other consumer and industry products which are being assembled by hundreds of companies. The industry has seen a big dip after the fall of Blackberry but now due to the rising global demand and innovation, there has been a large untapped sector where the industry is currently heading and provides numerous opportunities to existing manufacturers to up their game a bit. The current figures of this industry stand somewhere around CAD 13 billion which is expected to reach CAD 15 billion till 2030.

Growing Opportunities for Electronics in Canada

The greatest opportunity Canada has is the growing number of fantastic research institutes and Universities that continue playing their part in bringing cost-effective solutions and new innovations in technology to the table providing a competitive edge for Canadian electronics manufacturers. The institutions and education play a dominant role in reshaping the growing electronics industry and is a key to enhancethe Canadian exports in the emerging markets. The most prominent sub-industry is the medical equipment which has always been resistant against all odds faced by the sector. Other key areas including aerospace technology for the building of better satellites and automobile industry which also includes electronics and is expected to further boost the industry’s growth. The overall growth expected is nearly 4 percent annually until 2030.

The emerging markets also provide an important destination for Canadian electronics manufacturers to target. These emerging markets are moving up in their living standards and therefore, have more demand for cheaper, innovative, and sustainable technological solutions. Apart from this, printable electronics is another dimension of this industry where Canada is focusing. Printable electronics are different from traditional silicon-based electronics manufacturing which require a lot of investments and therefore, not readily available for low-cost startups whereas printable electronics take lead here. Most of the manufacturing companies engaged in printable electronics are constantly looking to cut costs, increase efficiency and to introduce new technology with innovation to segregate themselves from others.

Electronics Trading Through Online Channels

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