The Effective Category Placement for Best Classified Sites in Canada

The best classified sites in Canada are extremely efficient new age online trading portals which have shifted a lot of attention from traditional ways to newer ways of online trading. These best classified sites in Canada have also created the concept of trading through category lists which help identify the users’ choice comfortably and provide diversified products range resulting in increased consumer interests. The classifieds website operating in Canada are numerous and each comes with a different model and category placement ideas in order to induce maximum user interest and enhance their experience while trading online through their websites.

Best Classified Sites in Canada

Horizontal Model Compared with Vertical Model for Category Identification

The most popular model is the horizontal classified ads model whereby a website engages in multiple category lists and provides thousands of diverse choices to their users. These websites literally offer daily household products, food, baby items, and other daily use utilities and services while going up all the way to trading exotic animals as pets, super cars, high valued houses, villas and vacation rentals in the most expensive and top destinations of the world. These websites are targeting the masses and also covering those left out areas which are remotely located and have less access to such wide range of products, utilities, and services.

In contrast, the vertical model allows a more specialized and niche approach. The vertical model introduces only one category and puts all its efforts in promoting that particular category and all of its sub-categorical products. An example would be an auto trading website which deals exclusively in motor vehicles. It will include all vehicles including cars, trucks, snowmobiles, RV’s, trailers, boats, and other similar items. The vertical model also tends to introduce sub-categories like spare parts, repair services, trading portals, access to dealers, expert opinions, and all the related category lists. This allows users of a particular requirement to visit the website and look for their desired products.

Distinguishing the Best Classified Sites in Canada from Competitors

The number of classifieds sites in Canada has grown substantially over the years and therefore, it is important for the users to identify the merits and demerits every online trading platform brings with it. The growing concern of Canadians is the security risk which is at stake when people trade online. Users are more careful to providing their personal information when trading online and are mostly hesitant in making monetary transactions as well. Another risk which is increasing is that the products usually do not come up as expected and therefore, the customers get a feeling of deception. is a new entrant and has readily gained grounds amongst best classified sites in Canada. The website has addressed security concerns and have updated their category lists to include hundreds of those special items normally people struggle to find. is the most popular trading website in Canada and is enhancing customer’s experience by the day. Visit now and enjoy browsing through hundreds of category lists!

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