Canada’s Arts, Entertainment and Culture Industry

Canadian culture and history of arts is very extensive and to keep the culture alive, the Canadian government almost spends CAD 1.2 billion every year. This huge budgetary allowance further substantiates the already established and dynamic arts community, which routinely produces some of the best talented artists and entertainers including architects, directors and musicians in the world. The arts, entertainment and culture industry has around 58,000 establishments and every business generates a roughly CAD 258,000 revenue annually on average. This strengthens the idea of a strong and powerful Canadian arts and entertainment industry.

Arts, Entertainment and Culture



Arts, Entertainment and Culture an Essential Part of Society

The value of arts and culture can be perceived through intrinsic values that is, how arts and culture develop societies and bring satisfaction to the community. The importance of arts and culture can also be seen through its positive impact on physical well-being, creativity, education and national status and not just the effects on economy alone. These statistics are also important that although the impact of culture on economic boost is substantial, people who have attended a cultural festival in last 12 years were 60 percent more likely to report good health. Societies with more cultural involvement contribute more towards community cohesion, and make communities safer and stronger.

Promotion of Arts and Entertainment Online

As much as the involvement in arts, entertainment and culture is important for a country, it is also important to establish platforms where these entertainers and artists flourish. The promotion of such activities is usually carried out through expensive mediums such as TV advertisements, banners and billboards. However, with the internet catching up the speed, advertising is now being shifted online at a rapid pace. For small artists and entertainers, the online classified websites reach out to far reached and targeted audience which is also cost effective and more reliable. has the biggest potential to promote Arts through Classifieds

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