The use of leisure time in reading books, magazines by the Canadian Population

The Canadian population spends most of their free and leisure time while reading books. Many people have performed multiple surveys and found that almost 35 percent of the respondents were active members of a book club or a library which shows a significant interest of the Canadians towards books, magazines reading. Canada is home to rich art, literature, and extra-curricular activities which symbolizes a rich culture present in the country for the love for reading books, magazines and even actively visit libraries and stores in order to stay up to date with the new arrivals.

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The rise of digital network which transferred the users from print to electronic books, magazines

The spread of internet has changed our daily habits from shopping to making online banking transactions to readings books, magazines. The internet has revolutionized the way we do things so much that more and more users are dramatically shifting towards the newly invented concepts and methods which also led to the invent of smart devices and handheld devices supporting fast speed internet connections in order to provide further convenience to the users. As it happened with other aspects of daily life, it also appeared to influence the readers of books, magazines and a large percentage shifted to e-books and audio books. Out of the respondents questioned for reading books, magazines almost 90 percent of them have had read a print book while 26 percent had also listened to audio books. Another question asked to the same respondents revealed that 48 percent of them used electronic devices to read E-books. This rising trend of smart devices have given opportunities to many of the online books, magazines suppliers to come to the front and bring competitive offers alongside.

The Rise of Electronic Devices to Promote Reading Books, Magazines

The growing use of social media and other digital platforms have also influenced readers of books, magazines to digitalize their reading habits. With that, many electronic devices dedicated to books, magazines readers have been invented and e-books in the form of PDF are also easily available for people who want to use their smartphones, computers, and tablet PCs to read. Almost 38 percent of the respondents agreed that they were able to hear about the updates of their newest read from online sources including social media and visiting online retailers. This gives rise to the introduction of classifieds site Canada which have made buying such books even cheaper than before. is the leading classifieds website in Canada which promotes hundreds of products spread through multiple categories including electronics, baby items, bikes, free stuff, furniture, house hold items, medical equipment’s, phone, accessories, and much more. also holds a dedicated category to the books, magazines section where users can find hundreds of options for e-books, print books, and online library resources for a fraction of the cost they used to buy before. Visit now and enjoy reaping great benefits by trading through Canada’s largest classifieds ad website.

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