The Rising Property and Rental Rates for Office Space, Shops in Canada

The rising commercial real estate rents are soaring abruptly and the number of vacancies in commercial real estate are declining significantly due to huge demands. The current demand in the city centers and metropolitan areas is also high and many analysts are expecting that the rates will soon match the property and rental rates existing in New York City. Alternatively, the rental and property rates especially for the commercial real estates are considerably lower in suburbs and secondary markets existing in the less populous areas.

The current rental rates in Canada are around CAD 59 per square foot which are expected to increase by almost 50 percent in the coming years. There has also been a huge interest in commercial properties by foreign investors which is followed by lesser supply of new projects making this market extremely difficult and lucrative. The soaring property prices are becoming more challenging for people looking for office space, shops to start their own business or even to extend their business.

Office Space, Shops

The need for a platform to buy, sell, or rent office space, shops in Canada at affordable rates

The only way a consumer or a small businessman can get a location to either start his own business or to extend an existing business is through real estate dealers. However, these dealers have limited options available for consumers and also charge a significantly higher amount of commissions which further exacerbates the already climbing property rates especially in the commercial real estate sector. The introduction of classified websites has aided the buying, selling, or renting office space, shops considerably and provided an alternate solution to prevailing problems. Classified websites allow office space owners and shop owners to post their vacancies online free of cost. These posts are immediately delivered to millions of users with accuracy in terms of relevance of their search criteria and geographic location. This makes the post more effective and invites responses from more serious buyers or tenants. Furthermore, the ability to make a transaction directly with the owner of the property increases secure and more transparent transactions and also saving on the huge commissions charged by real estate dealers.

CatchFree is a classified website which horizontally presents hundreds of categories to its users to trade in. The website is very popular due to its unique dynamics of presenting the most relevant ads to its users. Apart from the ad relevancy, the website also displays “similar products of interests” to its users. For example, a user searching for vacation rentals will also be given opportunities to further enhance their vocational experience by hiring rental cars at the same vicinity they are planning to spend their vacations. This gives all of the users including business owners and investors looking for office space, shops and even to those looking for apartments, condos, houses, villas, and much more to be able to capture a fair deal with hundreds of different options available to choose from. Visit CatchFree now and enjoy the cheapest and fairest deals available in all over Canada!

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