The Growth of Free Classifieds in Canada


Free Classifieds is one of the world’s most powerful industries and is growing at the speed of light. Estimates are that by 2025 classified advertisement industry globally would be the biggest industry and would account for more than 250 billion USD worldwide. This estimate however also accounts for the rapid increase in smartphone development, usage and sales which will further increase the number of users having access to internet worldwide.  A similar growth pattern can be seen in Canada where free classifieds have taken consumer interest rapidly and millions of users now prefer browsing through multiple classifieds sites when deciding to buy or sell either new or used items in almost any category one can imagine.

Types of Free Classifieds in Canada

There are a number of different models adopted by free classifieds websites operating in Canada. The horizontal and vertical models are the two most popular types of business models which have their own strengths and weaknesses. The vertical model is a specialized category of free classifieds site whereby a site focuses on a single particular industry and includes all relevant sub-industries within that particular industry which makes it specialized and more reliable when discussing about a particular category of products.

For example, a website specializing in selling pet items would be not only advertising pets for adoption, but all the accessories related to pet care, pet food, pet-services including vaccination and other services, etcetera. The website would also have a dedicated forum for both users and professionals to discuss topics relevant to the product category and seek professional advice.

Alternately, the horizontal model expands horizontally and does not specialize in a single category. They wish to expand to masses and allow nearly every possible product and service one can think of to be advertised on their website and enhance their user database and audience. The horizontal model provides a one-stop solution to households, businesses, and even startups wishing to mobilize their business plan. Horizontal models are more popular in Canada due to the large lists of categories hosted at the website and each category containing many different products thus becoming really useful for the users. is the leading free classifieds in Canada

As the number of free classifieds websites grow, it becomes necessary to rate each website so that users could have an ultimate experience while trading through free classifieds. has been rated the number 1 classifieds website in Canada by a number of users and experts due to its secure network and technology which removes the chances of users being defrauded by much more than other websites.

It also hosts many products on its website for the users to be able to conveniently browse through all items of interests. Visit now and start using the website without having to register or signup and enjoy the website’s premium services for free!

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