The Growing Demand for Pet Accessories in Canada

The pet accessories industry is known to be a large industry in Canada with growing number of pet owners in the country. The pet accessories which was once a niche market is now spreading vastly with more and more demand for cost effective and reliable distribution of pet accessories available in multiple geographic locations. The pet food and care industry estimates to have a CAD 6.5 billion potential to grow in the Canadian market as more and more people are adopting pets in Canada. Furthermore, it is also due to the increase in Per Capital Income of the country where people have now improved their living standards and can also afford the cost of owning a pet and to be able to care for them as well.

Pet Accessories

The Growing Demand for Pet Premiumization and Humanization in Canada

The growing concern in pet care and accessories industry in Canada is largely motivated due to the premiumization of pet products, accessories, and facilities. The rising awareness has motivated pet owners to use more specialized pet accessories and products resulting in the growth of the specific industry. More and more international brands are entering Canada to fill the gap in the demand and supply as most of the manufacturers are already international organizations or demand is fulfilled through direct imports. The trend has created more opportunities for local players as well to cater this specific industry.

The Growth of Online Retailing and Sales in Canada for Pets Accessories

Although there has not been a steady growth in e-commerce activities and online retail sales, however there has been an increasing trend in online sales for pet food, care, and pet accessories in Canada. The growth of online distribution channels and retail platforms including specialized websites have created more awareness amongst the public but yet have a large amount of target market to be covered. The growth of online sales is not specifically for pet products but also for pets rehoming, pet services, livestock, and others.

Online Classified Websites Revolutionizing the Pet Accessories and Care Industry

Online classified websites are platforms which enable users to directly deal with the buyers or sellers of a particular product either new or used amongst tens of categories. The products can be low value pet accessories to high value pet rehoming services of exotic animals as well. Amongst many websites which are regularly encouraging buying and selling through classified advertisement, out stands due to a number of reasons. The first and foremost that CatchFree extends to the farthest corner of Canada have thousands of users in every part of Canada which facilitates people living in isolated or less populous areas to be also facilitated by the service, allowing users to be able to trade near to their geographic location. Another reason is that it hosts hundreds of products which makes it peculiar for pet lovers to visit CatchFree and find the rarest of accessories at affordable prices. Visit now and enjoy trading in hundreds of products related to pet accessories!

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