The Global Trend and Rising Industry of Free Ads Canada

The classified industry is one of the most dominant global industries of the world which is gaining heavy market share with most websites gaining more than 60% of returns on investment (ROI) and considered one of the most engaging and lucrative business ventures of all times. The classified ads have their roots from the newspapers where short and concise messages were printed on the classified section of the newspaper under multiple categories. These ads were short and charged according to the length of the message. As the digital age appeared, classified advertisement was also digitalized and now these Free ads Canada are published on online websites either for free or for a small payment.

Free Ads Canada

Models of Free Ads Canada Websites

Online classified websites are distinguished with different business models, each with its own strength and uniqueness while also posing many demerits. Many websites adopt a vertical model where they host a single category and promote every related category with it. For example, a website promoting smartphones would also be publishing tutorials, professional advice, repair service guides, accessories, and other related materials. These vertical websites specialize in one category and entirely focus their efforts in inviting a particular set of users. Alternatively, horizontal websites go all across the board and display every possible product or service which exists and have a peculiar demand. These websites invite users from all demographics, location, and interest to a single platform and encourage them to trade in more than one kind of category. A simple house hold equipment or utensil will also be available on the website and more expensive items like jewelry or super cars would also be displayed. The horizontal model is set to provide free ads Canada in order to increase the number of users and provide a one-stop shop solution to every visitor. is the Market Leader in Free Ads Canada Websites is a relatively new entrant but have gained solid position amongst the classified websites providing free ads Canada services. is managed by professional and highly competent developers, engineers, and experts which have created a network of solid infrastructure and security modules in order to keep the website safe from security threats around the year. The website is also very unique as it provides access to buy and sell through free ads Canada without having to sign-up or register. This allows users to start using the websites services without having to provide any personal information and hence, enhances users trust on the website. is free all across the board. This means all the services the website provides are not only limited to premium users. Every user can enjoy the website’s services and there is no discrimination regarding ad placement as only the relevant ads are placed on the top. is the largest website to host free ads Canada. Visit immediately and catch hundreds of exciting offers for free!

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