The Future of Construction Business in Canada

Canada’s construction business plays a vital role in the country’s GDP and overall employment. The construction work had seen a grim time in 2016 but now is steadily growing and currently stands at CAD 126 billion which is nearly 7% of Canada’s total GDP. The construction business plays a vital role in the country’s rapid development and due to the flexible immigrant policies of Canada, the country is now becoming more populous and many new areas are being developed, especially the suburbs. Another important reason is that the growing prices in city centers and metropolitans have pushed the public and investors to start developing the outskirts of the city and sub-urban areas in order to be more cost effective.


Construction Sector’s Role in Employment and Fundamentals

The Canadian construction business is a substantial source of providing employment to almost every age group in Canada with a very flexible range of entry requirements with regards to education and experience. The industry employs almost 1.3 million Canadians making it the 5th biggest construction industry of the world. If we also shed light to the remuneration and incentives, it is also nominated as amongst the Eight Top Careers in Canada with a salary of a construction manager starting at CAD 85,000 and above. Due to the rising technology and complex construction work starting in Canada, the industry is also equipped to pay the employees more due to a more strenuous and complex working environment. As this is a significant employment industry, it is still difficult for many of the Canadians to be able to target a jobs to their desire in the construction industry and therefore, a need for a more recognized and specialized recruitment platform is required.

The Introduction of Classified Websites to Aid Human Resource Recruitment in Construction Industry

The growing career opportunities in the construction business also leads to the introduction of specialized platforms which aid human resource selection and recruitment. The classified websites in this case are one of the most convenient and cost-effective platforms available for Canadians. The classified websites host a diverse range of products and services from baby items, arts, antiques, bikes, books, magazines, electronics, computers, accessories, medical instruments, house hold items, musical instruments, phones, accessories, and much more under a single platform and also encourages both buyers and sellers either they are small scale home users or large-scale corporations to be able to trade through this site. The websites also hosts a very big employment sections where all of the business users are encouraged to post their available vacancies online which are immediately delivered and displayed to millions of Canadians.

Amongst many of the websites available, the most dominant website in providing human resources to these organizations especially in construction industry is The website has a very big user base and therefore is one of the most effective classified websites to provide recruitment solutions. Catchfree delivers the employment ads and gets immediate response from its users as they are displayed skillfully in order of relevance and geographic location in order to provide more opportunities to Canadians. Visit now and explore hundreds of jobs in tens of different industries!

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