The Boats Industry Overview in Canada and Recreational Boating

The Canada boat and recreational boats industry is scattered all across Canada and comprises of manufacturing, accessories, service shops, boat schools, and marina clubs etcetera. Currently, there are more than four thousand industries which are directly contributing towards the boats and their auxiliary suppliers. About 40 percent of the population residing in Canada engage in boating activities throughout the year and are in possession of nearly 4 million boats, yachts, and other seaworthy vehicles. The boats usage in Canada and its related industry contributes about CAD 5 billion annually and employees nearly 100,000 peoples including self-employed personnel.


The Effect of Boats Industry in Canadian Economy

The boats industry in Canada contributes significantly to the growth and sustenance of the country’s economy. The large part of the boats industry goes to fishing equipment and related to tourism as hundreds of millions of dollars are spent by people during vacations and is directly influenced due to the well-equipped boats industry in Canada. In recent years, the Canadian boats industry has suffered tremendous losses and a difficult period altogether largely due to the crisis that was hit in the United States. The exports from boats industry in Canada to the United States significantly declined during that period and tourism also suffered drastically. The boats industry has now been revived significantly and with the introduction of classifieds site Canada, the revival was stronger than before and the industry is currently flourishing tremendously.

The Arrival of Classifieds Ads Canada and Boats Industry

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