The Biggest Online Classifieds used in Canada

Classified ads, or Classifieds, have been popular since nearly the newspaper appeared. This medium is still thriving and is popular even in today’s digital world. Classifieds have moved online in the mid-90s and many websites crawled in to add value and revolutionize the industry by providing more options to the users. However, they were only vertical classifieds focusing on single categories. In the present day, a greater access to Internet all over Canada has also given opportunities to many online classifieds to move into horizontal styles to step up and enhance user experience. is amongst the many leading websites providing a broader range of categories to the users may it electrical repairs, or real-estate.

  online classifieds

Market dynamics are different in selected areas and therefore, a more relevant audience is required by businesses located in such areas. This highlights the importance of online classifieds in such areas to promote products and provide a greater turnover compared with other mediums. localizes the experience of its users in order to reach the right audience reaping greater benefits and generating genuine leads rather than simple inquiries.

The biggest challenges faced by the classified websites are social media websites where ads are also posted free and generate a significant more amount of leads comparatively. However, when checking the effectiveness of these leads, they turn out to be either out of reach, or irrelevant, or simple inquiries with no intent. Classified websites generate only positive leads which mature as only genuine users come and inquire for an item which are more inclined towards availing those offers than just to “browse”. is leading in the Canadian market with its unique ability to secure personal information of its users in order to make the transaction more secure and enhance user experience. With no information required to place an ad, the website brings convenience to the users in order to engage the users in an interactive session rather than going through a cumbersome procedure of signing up and adding irrelevant and personal details.

Another problem user faces is the numerous websites popping up every day to enter this segment of online advertising and claiming to provide more audience and a better experience. delivers users what it claims and is being constantly improved in order to upgrade its systems to attract more relevant audiences. Users are also protected as each ad is scrutinized and other ads are constantly moderated and removed in order to avoid irrelevant, and fraudulent ads causing trouble to the users.

Online classifieds are changing the advertising dynamics and more and more print companies are also adopting to the newly developing methods of online advertisements in order to deliver their message to a broader population with convenience. Many big companies are taking their marketing strategies to online and increasing their expenditure in this sector in order to create an equal or greater online presence than they have physically.

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