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In telecommunications, telephone is one of the fastest ways to interconnect with one another. It is a full-duplex device as sender & receiver can communicate at the same time. In earlier ages, there were only fixed/ landline phones in the market which require a proper network of cables and wires. The electric power and fixed location were considered as hindrances, but nowadays, the importance of landline telephones is declining as mobile/cell phone are replacing them. The mobile phones are using radio frequency link instead of dedicated physical cable. Moreover, the mobile phones are battery operated and easy to carry.



The phone is playing its own vital role to make the world a global village for you. It is a kind of more authentic and reliable way of communication. In telephonic conversation, sender & receiver are face to face which leads to confidence and reduces ambiguity.

In short, the phone has its own worth which no one can deny. Appropriate usage of any technology is always beneficial for human lives and same is the case with the usage of phones.


It has been observed that the emerging technologies and devices hit the market on daily basis. Some of them sustain their status while some become part of the past, but you will agree with this viewpoint that a telephone is still in the process of accumulating, even it is more than 100 years old device.

Some futurologists and industry experts predict: “In years to come smart phones will become remote controls for our whole lives”, while others forecast: “In the future mobile phones will literally run our lives for us”.

Many renowned brands are working on more advanced operating systems, applications and cell-phone technologies. For instance, after huge success of 3G, 4G and 4G LTE, rumors about 5G being tested are there. Similarly, flexible phones frames, holographic displays, eco-friendly phones are under discussion.

Hence, the upcoming years will be more exciting for the smart phones users.

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