Growing need for Pet Services in Canada

Pet services in Canada is a growing industry and is driven by the rising trends of quality food and humanization trends. The companions are being well taken care of nowadays especially with the rising awareness of health, well-being, and other pet care initiatives. Canadian, just like other people, have started realizing the fact that companions also need to be taken care of the same way as they care about themselves. This became one of the primary factor to bring about new product development and a growing industry for pet care products.

Pets services

A changing need for Premium Care for Pets

Due to the growing humanization trends in Canada, people’s attitude towards animals and their treatment has significantly risen. Due to this very reason, many companies have entered the Canadian market to produce premium products especially food in order to cater the growing demand for healthy pet care choices. Other reasons are the increasing veterinary technology and drugs developed to keep pets healthy. Other pet products including accessories are also deemed to be renewed due to the rising humanizing trend in Canada. New products are continued to make their way in the market and therefore, the cost of keeping pet services in Canada are rising alarmingly high.

Pet Care Services in Canada

The total industry for pet care in Canada has around more than 3,000 establishments and revenues above CAD 160 million in total. The growing need for pet care also highlights the opportunities for new investments and rising profits. Most of the pet care involves pet sitting, boarding, and walking for which many services are available. Pet care services also include veterinary services and pet insurances which also cost a fortune if not looked at the right place.

pets services

Growing trend for Pet Care Services through Classifieds

Many of the pet owners and new startups for pet services have started using classified websites for cost effective and efficient responses. Many of these services cost much money when buying from local stores. Pet products and services are now being slowly shifted to online stores. However, with the convenience of classified websites, now people can do trade in and even businesses can promote their products without any cost to many of the pet owners. The vast reach of classified websites guarantees good response for new startups with absolutely zero cost. is one of the most acclaimed classified websites in Canada is the leading classified website in Canada which covers thousands of categories of products and services. With, now hiring pet care services and veterinary services at extremely lower costs is very swift and allows much less hassle then going for these services physically. Now you can make online appointments and even schedule vet visits at home. Shopping for pet care products is also very convenient with cheap prices and all this could happen without having to sign up or create any account. This means more security for users to now look up a variety of services online through

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