Cleaning Costs in Canada

Canada is one of the G7 nations and one of the most highly developed and stable economies of the world. The labor rate in Canada is significantly higher than most countries of the world meaning that skilled labor is difficult to find and the one which is found charges quite a lot of coppers. Another reason is that the labor participation rate of the country is also higher and more and more people are moving up the ladder from skilled labor category to supervisory roles in the same field. This leads us to discuss about the costs of hiring a housekeeping and cleaning service in Canada which is a luxurious service in the present day for most Canadians. With the bigger cities charging around CAD 40 per hour to smaller cities charging CAD 20 per hour, the amount taken to clean a 5,000 sq. ft home would easily reach around CAD 300 for one time. Despite of being a highly lucrative and expensive service, we have seen that demand for such service is high especially in summers and due to increasing number of working couples now residing in Canada.


Setting up a Cleaning Business in Canada

Setting up a Cleaning business in Canada is very lucrative, cost effective, and most importantly has much demand for new entrants. It is however not as easy as it sounds as just like starting any other business it requires time, money, promotion and advertisement, and creativity. Small home-based entrepreneurs are one of the main new entrants of this sector while many of them do not opt to use the best available options there are for startups for advertising like classifieds advertisements.

Promotional Material for Cleaning Services Through Online Classifieds Site Canada

Classifieds advertisements are known to be the top choice for entrepreneurs and startups for their company’s and product’s promotional activities. Classified advertisements in Canada hasslowly gained much attention and is one of the biggest sources of advertising prevailing in the country while charging its users fraction of a cost compared with traditional media. Many businesses and services like art, entertainment, childcare, legal guidance, financial advice, health, fitness, cuisine, catering, movers, labor, pick & drop, relocation, security, transportation, education, counseling, beautician, and other services are promoted fairly and with minimal costs involved. Another important feature classified advertisement brings especially for cleaning startups is the extensive reach as the advertisements posted on the website reach millions of users with a touch of a button all across Canada. The extensive and targeted user reach provides the most efficient sort of promotion essential for any business especially a startup.

There are many buy and sell sites Canada available for such services but the expert’s recommended website is due to its highly secure network and unbiased display of advertisements for every user giving it a unique advantage and providing more results for your business compared with other classifieds.

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