Canadian Market for Jobs in Accounting, Execution, and Related Areas

Finding a job in Canada is quite different as compared to many other countries in the world. The Canadian job market is mostly comprised of oil and gas companies and automobile industries. These industries have a limited scope for Accounting Execution and other related jobs due to their business nature. There are not many audit firms, capital investment banks, and a huge financial sector in the country which means that many of the accounting, execution, and other professional candidates find themselves stuck in limbo. Many of the accounting professionals find themselves working freelance or with a contract which is to expire as soon as the company’s specific tasks end.

Challenges for Accounting, Execution, and Other Professionals

The Canadian job market is saturated with much of the jobs offered to the Canadian residents with Canadian experience. Most of the expats and immigrants find themselves in a difficult position due to the lack of Canadian experience. Many employers prefer Canadian experience due to the unique taxation system prevailing in the country which needs to be understood first before carrying out accounting operations. Another disadvantage in this particular field is the salary structure. The pay scale for finance and accounting employments ranges from around CAD 30,000 to over CAD 100,000. The wider difference in pay structure is mostly because of the different skill set required in certain financial and accounting jobs. Entry-level positions which are mostly clerical in departments like billing, payroll, and ledger maintenance have less remuneration compared with mid-level management and supervisory positions which normally have higher returns.

Searching Jobs in Canada

The traditional way of searching for jobs in Canada is now readily being replaced by new systems. The earlier method involved looking up newspapers, newspaper classifieds, and other forms of publications. It also involved a hefty procedure of mailing out resumes and cover letters. Later, the system changed when many human resources providing companies came into play and were contracted by many employers to carry out recruitment and selection processes. However, these human resource management companies often charge very high amounts from job seekers and employers, both. Another disadvantage is the slow response rate observed by many employees. Most of the trend in present-day job employment is the increasing use of classified websites. is the leading website in Canada for Jobs is one of the best-classified websites in Canada for job searchers. Especially in the fields where jobs are saturated like accounting execution, finance, and other related jobs, provides suitable employee’s options to reach directly out to prospective employers and make sure their applications get noticed by also providing guidance for resume writing and covering letter. These services are given absolutely free of cost and therefore, many job seekers prefer as, without any costs involved, the rate of applications being successful is very high compared to other websites.

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