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The Automotive Industry in Canada is the 8th largest in the world and integrated into the NAFTA treaty between the USA, Canada, and Mexico. The industry is very extensive and employs a major chunk of the Canadian labor force. The range of products include light-duty vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, cars, vans, trucks, buses, and military vehicles. The industry is also composed of a wide range of parts and component manufacturers, along with a well-developed and well-integrated dealer network. A very considerable portion of the industry is based on after-sale services and service centers which are essential for every thriving industry. The highly developed and strong industry also contributes largely to bringing the newest technology and deliver more value to the users.

Value for Money

The leading manufacturing industry in Canada creates many opportunities for the population. For instance, the more variants and manufacturing brands available, the more is the competition. Such competition forces the price downwards and brings product value against money upwards. Users have a variety to choose from with a well-established network of after-sale services available which also brings down the maintenance costs.

Buying, Selling, and Trading in the Auto Industry

The well-established automotive industry in Canada also needs a well-developed system of buying, selling, and re-selling cars and vehicles. A number of official dealers, unofficial dealers, established market places and other auction sites exist which are also very popular amongst the population. The first and foremost option is the company’s certified dealer. The dealer charges the neutral rates, plus a certain profit and arranges brand new cars with a hassle-free procedure. If the budget is low, the dealer also helps in selling used cars or offer a trade-in, which is a practice to give out the old car, plus pay more to get a new one. However, this practice gives the dealer an extraordinary profit while the seller gets considerably lesser than he should. Other practices for car trading include car auctions and advertising.

Buying and Selling Cars Online

With the increasing number of classified websites, now dealing in cars and vehicles, components, repairs, or even paint jobs have become easier, cheaper, and instantly available with absolutely no extra cost incurred by the user. People can go online, post an ad, add some descriptions with pictures in order to clear the car’s actual condition, and users from within the vicinity start acting on the offer. Buyers and sellers have found this practice considerably easier than traditional practices which give dealers an unfair incentive than the seller. is an online classified website that brings these features to users and much more!

Canada’s Car and Vehicles Industry is not only specialized in cars. Instead, it offers users a wide variety of products and services including a very vast section of car and vehicle trading. This increases the number of audiences for a particular ad subsequently increasing the interest of buyers. A newly shifted neighbor might be looking for a cheaper house for rent and at the same time, searching for a vehicle for transportation, increasing the likelihood to gain more offers altogether than any other website by 100 percent. Apart from this, is also hassle-free and lets users post buy and sell ads with a touch of a few clicks with no extra information required.

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