The Snowmobiles Trends and Prospects in Canada

The prospects of snowmobiles and other automobiles in Canada is huge especially with the its trading partner, United States, for being the biggest user of ski and snowmobiles with USD 26 billion annual trading for this sector. Canada is placed at the second position with snowmobiles sales climbing to 47,000 units in a single year with registered snowmobiles reaching a figure of more than half a million units in Canada. The annual contribution to GDP is USD 8 billion and a lot of snowmobiles are mostly imported with only one major manufacturing company based in Quebec, Val court.


The Snowmobiles Users and their Demographics

Normally the users of snowmobiles are adults ranging from 40 years old and above. Majority of the snowmobile users normally use their own snowmobiles which they own. Their normal distance covered on a snowmobile is somewhere around 2,000 km per year and spend about USD 2,000 for snowmobile related recreation. The snowmobile users who start this recreation in the early years of their lives continue to use snowmobiles for the rest of their lives. There are many clubs in Canada and due to the extreme weather conditions prevailing in the North American regions, snowmobiling is sometimes the only option for recreation available for the local people and in some instances, the only means of conveyance.

The Trading of Vehicles and Snowmobiles

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