The Role of Job Sites in Canada

Canada is one of the most important countries for the people who are in service sector rather than entrepreneurs. Canada is home to one of the biggest immigrant population and the majority of them came due to the growing job opportunities in Canada. Canadian service, manufacturing, and natural resources extraction sector creates around 2 million jobs a year and every year the labor participation rate goes higher meaning more people are now employed and participate in the economy actively. Job sites in Canada have been introduced recently in order to help employees find the right kind of career choice and explore the available employment options which were once not easily accessible by the general population.

job sites in Canada

The Best Employment Choices in Canada

The employment and services sector of Canada is home to multiple types of jobs spread in different industries. The automobile, natural resources, and high-technology equipment are the largest industries in Canada employing almost 50 percent of the total labor participating in the country. However, the most highly paid job is surprisingly in the construction industry as construction industry is right now at its peak with the huge demand of infrastructure and public utility and healthcare system developments recently initiated by the government. Apart from construction jobs, highly skilled jobs in IT systems are another field of interest by professionals and reap great rewards. Financial service providers and tax accountants are also much in demand and so on.

Third Party Recruitment and Job Sites in Canada

There are many third party recruitment services currently operating in Canada whose primary focus is to shortlist candidates in order to save the employers from the hassle of undergoing shortlisting hundreds of thousands of applications received against a particular vacancy. These third party recruitment services normally charge employers for these services but have been scrutinized on more than one occasion of transparency problems and biased decisions. Furthermore, the recruiters are aggressively chasing their own profits while not caring about the person who can do more good for a company instead of selecting a candidate which exactly matches their criteria. Sometimes employers are looking for people who can be more than just meeting the requirements of any particular vacancy.

This is where comes into play which is the biggest job sites in Canada. is the most popular classifieds site Canada and has a section dedicated to different jobs for both employees and employers. Employers readily post their requirements on the website which is then viewed by a large number of users. uses unique algorithms to find the right candidates for employers and thus, makes it efficient for the companies to find the right candidate without wasting much effort. Visit now and find the best jobs in Canada.

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