Pet Services and Pet Industry in Canada

Almost 60 percent households residing in Canada at least own one pet which gives a big advantage for people wishing to enter this particular industry. The Pets Services industry therefore, is comprised of goods, utilities, services, and medical services targeted towards the well-being, nurturing, and safety for pets. Some particular goods or services include but not limited to pet foods for various species, pet toys, utilities and accessories, pet daycare, pet training services, litter boxes, medical and veterinary services, etcetera.

Pet Services

On the other hand, the pet industry in Canada is also very much flourished by providing all essential products and pet care items to the pet owners, keeping their pets healthy and happy. However, owning a pet is not for every household. The cost of owning a pet and for its well-being is very high and may not be affordable to all households. According to the latest statistics, the cost of owning a pet in the first year of its birth is around CAD 2,600 for a puppy and CAD 1,900 for a kitten. For other exotic animals, the cost may differ.

The most prominent costs to care for either a puppy or a kitten are the one-time essential purchases which includes beds, bowls, leash, carriers, and litter boxes for the pets. Some of the prominent veterinary costs are also one-time in the initial stages and reduce over the years. These costs are often associated with one-time procedures like neutering and spaying and in some cases, installation of microchips.

More New Entrants in Pets Services

Many large organizations from the US have made their way to tap into Canadian Pets Services and Care industry but there are still many options available for local businesses and new startups. Many people have started their own pets care institutions and some have started importing pet care products and food at a cheaper price and setting up a local distribution. The growing industry is tapping into the Canadian demand but one of the primary reasons for its success is the rapid increase in buy and sell sites in Canada.

Classified Industry Redefining the Pets Services in Canada

With the introduction of free classified sites in Canada, many people are able to post free classified ads Canada in order to cater the growing pet industry. Many of the local entrepreneurs and small-scale retailers have started importing a variety of pets services and pet’s accessories in order to redistribute locally and providing cheaper options than usually other big brands are providing to the pet owners. With the introduction of classified websites, now owning and adopting a pet is also very convenient. Now users can post pets rehoming and even lost & found advertisements which are displayed absolutely free of cost and reached out to millions of users in a blink of an eye. is the best website for Pets Services in Canada

With, many of the users can now use free ads Canada services in order to buy and sell pet care products and line stock with a touch of few buttons. allows users to explore through multiple categories of products and services. The website also is free of cost, without users having to go through any procedure of signing up. is the leading website in Canada for free classified advertisement. Visit now and explore through a variety of options.

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