Overview of Canadian Real Estate Industry

The Real Estate Industry in Canada is very stable, and performing really well according to Statistics recorded by PwC Canada. The steady performance of the industry also faces some staggering issues like many people increasingly exhibit concern over rising prices and housing affordability. This is further topped up by the investors which constantly rebalance their investments and also by those who take a defensive approach. Due to housing affordability, many of the development is carried outside urban areas throughout Canada to cut costs and control prices. Another changing trend in the developers and investors approach is to re-evaluate whether to intensify existing projects, build communities, or to investment in the outskirts of major cities.

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Housing Affordability

Housing affordability is an increasing concern worldwide and a similar situation is observed in Canada. Due to higher prices and rents, the general population is shifting from bigger cities to smaller towns in order to cut living expenditures. This is further aided by the government as more transit hubs, connecting smaller cities and suburbs to bigger cities, are being built rapidly. Another dynamic is that most of the Canadian families consist of at least one young adult between the ages of 20 and 34 living with the parents. This is most likely increasing the household expenditures which have convinced developers to focus on building condos which can accommodate such families.

Shift in Consumer Interests

The growth in E-Commerce in recent years has been dramatically high. The forecasted growth of E-commerce in 2018 is about 8% as compared to 4.5% in 2013. Such growth puts a substantial effect on real estate especially commercial sectors. Now the retail industry is shrinking due to the introduction of online shopping and investors ought to rethink their strategies and focus on enhanced technology application. They should also be able to redevelop the retail experience in order to compete with the growing shift in economics. Such growth in e-commerce is putting warehouses and storage locations to the most popular investment choices.

E-Commerce and Real Estate

Although the investors are ambiguous with the shift in consumer demands, the Internet and online classifieds have continued to support the industry by bringing alternative solutions. The shift from conventional shopping to online buying and selling has also been focused on real estate as previously land owners had to reach out to consumers via agents and had little reach. Now the possibilities of attracting a potential customer and securing a better deal are more than it was previously. Additionally, the buyers have the advantage to compare virtually any property, check the vicinity and nearest available resources, and a wider range of options to select from in order to suit their budgetary constraints. All of these things have revolutionized the trading methods of real estate and have proved to be beneficial for buyers, sellers, and investors.

Advantages of Real Estate Buying and Selling Online through Catchfree.ca

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